What we do can be incredibly complex. What we offer is incredibly simple: comprehensive capabilities and specialized solutions.

At a time when firms are becoming more specialized, The CCA Group offers a compelling alternative – a single entity comprised of best-in-class companies committed to providing integrated, comprehensive services through a single point of contact. Why? It makes life easier for our clients in several ways:

  • THE ABILITY TO TRUST a seasoned industry veteran with the knowledge and foresight to think beyond one discipline – because your opportunities rarely confine themselves to one area.

  • THE CREATIVITY that sparks from orchestrated and disciplined collaboration between our architects, engineers, construction consultants, and other experts.

  • THE VALUE-ADDED FLEXIBILITY that makes us uniquely positioned to handle extraordinarily complicated projects while still valuing important, routine assignments that other firms prefer to avoid.

No matter how simple the project or how complex the challenge, we bring the same commitment to quality, cost-efficiency, and eagerness to excel. And with offices throughout the United States, we are able to respond rapidly to your most demanding requirements.


The members of The CCA Group are:

CCA_Logo_process_AEC_Tag_Phone copySince their start in 1990, CCA has provided architectural, engineering, forensic investigation, and expert consulting services to clients in the insurance, legal, corporate, governmental and private sectors. From geotechnical surveys to complete building evaluations, CCA is the single-source provider for investigation, analysis and creative design solutions. No matter how simple the project or how complex the challenge, CCA brings the same commitment to quality, cost-efficiency, and eagerness to excel. And with offices throughout the United States, they are able to respond rapidly to the most demanding requirements.


KMI cropped jpgKMI International, headquartered in Orlando, FL, is a professional construction management firm offering a full range of real estate development and construction consulting services, domestically and internationally. KMI provides clients with the highest quality of services in program management, project management, construction management, design-build, and consulting. KMI has successfully built projects across a broad range of market segments, including aviation, infrastructure, military/defense, industrial manufacturing, commercial offices, transportation, hospitality, theme park, healthcare, retail, and residential development. 


CTEH LogoCTEH is an environmental consulting firm rooted in science and dedicated to helping companies, governments, and communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from threats to their environment and people. CTEH applies the brightest minds, state-of-the-art technology, and conclusive data to resolve complex health, safety, environmental, toxicological, and management challenges. CTEH's more than 22 years of experience enables them to manage complex situations better than anyone else. 

CTEH is focused on acquiring top industry professionals who not only have achieved high academic goals, but who work in the real world and excel in applying technical aptitude gained through academics to environmental health challenges in diverse settings.


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